Complete Door Services

Unlike most locksmiths, our friendly team of professionals are trained in all aspects of the repair and replacement process of door servicing.

Our door repair and replacement services include

  • Hanging / Rehanging
  • Steel door repair
  • Aluminium and glass doors
  • Fixing hinges and lock systems
  • Wooden door repair
  • Fire Door Installation

Raven door seals

Raven design and produce world leading door seals, window seals, rubber weather strip, nylon brush strip, fridge seals, window cleaning squeegees, aluminium extension poles, DTAC tactile ground surface indicators, stair edge, floor edging, threshold ramps and much more!

For doors and windows to function, they must have gaps between the edges of the frame and sill. These gaps are there to allow easy opening and closing whilst accommodating normal building movement. To give an example, the heat loss from an unsealed home through gaps around doors and windows is around 12%.

This is not difficult to understand when you consider that the gap around an average door equates to a hole being the size of a house brick! The solution is to fit a Raven Sealing System that seals these gaps. Raven seals are frequently multipurpose, sealing against a combination of intrusions and leakages. Easily fitted they can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door & window types whilst not impeding their normal use.

Kilargo Seals

Kilargo’s products aim to provide solutions by considering fire, smoke, sound and energy requirements across our range of products. Our popular ranges of door seals can be viewed below. Kilargo’s door seals can be applied to commercial settings from all sectors, including education, health care and medical industries, hygienic environments and all other multi occupancy environments. With Kilargo, you know you’re getting the latest thinking in building safety, comfort and energy efficiency. We create, innovate and update. We are industry leaders in research and product development – and we’re constantly involved in new developments internationally.


Servicing Sydney for over 20 years

Websters Master Locksmiths provides an extensive variety of services including electronic security, window security, safety compliances, emergency services, key cutting, remote controls and more.

Highly trained staff in all aspects of the repair and replacement process of door servicing.

Why Choose Us?

We provide a unique 24-hour emergency service for all your needs; from being locked out of a vehicle to replacing keys for your house.



With a wide range of products, the Websters team can assist you however you need.


Master Locksmiths

We are members of the Master Locksmiths Association Australiasia (MLAA) and the Australian Government – Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC).


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